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Perry Castellano - Metal SculptorFrom the Artist:

"I seek to create a fluidity in my work, which strives to harmonize the inner rhythm of self with the outer rhythms of nature.

In my kinetic pieces, you'll find a joyous dance with the wind, the muses.

In the transition series you see a vortex, fluctuations in forms, the workings of a metamorphosis.

I enjoy sculpting with metal. It adds a dichotomy to the themes of my work. Metal is a symbol of strength and solidity.

I use it to explore the fragile and ever-changing elements of both self and nature."

-  Perry Castellano, 2002

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Perry Castellano - Sculptor Bio

Perry Castellano's work is inspired by nature. Using organic forms and shapes, his pieces have an earthy quality along with a fluidity that is found in natural phenomena. The viewer is drawn to each piece by the exquisite way it melds with the outdoor environment it's created for.

In a movement toward integrating nature even more fully into his work, Castellano's kinetic sculptures move with the whimsy of the wind. The wonder and the joy this work inspires has resulted in his pieces finding homes in gardens throughout both the East and West Coasts of the United States.

Affaire in the Garden, Beverly Hills CAHis artistic muses are intricately woven into his culinary career, which includes working and living in Italy as the personal chef to the United States Ambassador to the Vatican. Castellano has worked and traveled extensively in Europe. The absorption of the artwork, culture and history he experienced during that period not only shows in the integrity of his work, it is the root of his transition into being a sculptor.

Castellano's artistic inspirations include the great Italian Renaissance masters. His direct influences come from the modern work of: Alexander Calder, David Smith, Henry Matisse and Jacques Lipchitz. He continues to study other artists' styles and approaches and at this time is finding himself drawn to the influences of the California Lifestyle.

Castellano unveiled his metal work to the public for the first time at the Silvermine Artists Guild in Silvermine, Connecticut in Spring 1998. His work debuted in Southern California in the Spring of 2001. Castellano has received outstanding recognition and approval as evidenced by his list of awards and commissions both private and public.

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